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Welcome to H.A. Crew! This site is designed for family and friends of High Anxiety. We have endevoured to make this site a resource for you and a record for us.

 We have our real time Event Calander, Photo Galleries and other resources to make it as easy as possible to come join us and go racing or cruising.

So why a website?

Everyone else manages to get a group of friends or colleagues  and get out on the water, ring around to make sure everyone is coming.....Well that is true, but we figure that people are busy and may want to do a few races here and there. More than likely we will need a pool of people to fill the crew regularly. The idea for the site came from the site the previous owner of High Anxiety had set up with a photo gallery and calendar which looked like everyone enjoyed.

So I have had a copy of Joomla sitting on my PC just waiting for a project for me to get my hands dirty with the latest Content Management System and this seemed like something that would be enjoyable rather than just building something for the sake of it.

For my very good Apple-tragic friends (you know who you are) the I have refrained from using Flash for the photo gallaries thus ensuring you.... and your Mum & Dad ...can view the photo's. ;)

So here we are, I still have alot to do but it has been nice to get back to doing some web design, albeit feeling like (and being) a complete beginner all over again.

There are three main areas of the site

 1.The Boat

20121007 180517 art

If you have a boat or are considering buying one, I would encourage you to check out the boat section....we will keep it up to date with repairs and upgrades as we do them. You can laugh at us or commiserate (both are appropriate), as we embark on a number of projects small and large. We have learnt a lot already, and by no means experts we are getting by.

2. Sailing Logs - Cruising or Racing

 Welcome dogs

Here you will find anything from cruising with the dogs up the Hawkesbury River or Twilight racing photos and synopsis.

3. Calendar & Events

You can find out what we are up to, signup for events, check locations & meeting points. We will have 3 types of events, Twilight Racing, Weekend Racing and Cruising. you can find out more about the events and whats involved on the "Crew Wanted" page.


A few other things to note while you are here:

You need to be registered to:

  • Vote in Polls
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  • View Picture Galleries.

Feedback is always appreciated you can use the comments at the bottom of the articles using your Facebook login.

If you want a quick way of giving feedback, just use the quick "5 Star" Rating system at the top of each article.

So welcome, look forward to seeing you out with us on the water soon!


Marcus & Morgs