Casual Poetry

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The crew of High Anxiety is quite a diverse bunch! Chances are you didn't know we have quite the budding author, who doubles as a trimmer and pit(wo)man....  Here is a fabulous poem by Susii Whitmore about the casual race prior to the Winter series kicking off. 

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Come on baby and rescue me...

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The majority of the High Anxiety crew recently went through the Yachting Australia, 2 day, Safety and Survival at Sea run by Neil Driscoll from Above and Beyond Boating. I thought you might like to know a little about the course, Why we did it and what we actually did.. 
Please note, I had to use a few photos from the web to demonstrate some points so don’t worry Mum’s and Dad’s of the crew, that’s not us in all those photos, we haven’t had to be rescued yet!


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I had planned to put a quick note up to say hello and thanks for reading our little blog. To make it interesting I thought I might pull some web stats for you thatyou might be interested in… so I fired up Google analytics  and it blew me away where our readers come in from….

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Blog style redesign

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Well you asked for it ...(at least some of you did), and here it is! The new blog style layout which means you see the latest stuff right on the frontpage.


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Load up the flares and fire away. Search without rescue.

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I’ve been looking around the website and everything looks fabulous. The boat looks seaworthy (that’s always a good thing) the crew look like strong, sophisticated boat people and the photos portray times of happiness, the sun and the sea. But, things aren’t always “smooth sailing”

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How to submit an article

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How to contribute and display a Crew Article to H.A. Crew

Before anything else, thanks! All Crew perspective is greatly appreciated, it is always good for others to hear about your experience aboard the boat. This article will explain the finer points of writing and publishing your article so that it displays correctly on the site.

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How to upload your gallery

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Thanks for uploading your pictures to H.A. Crew! Below are step by step instructions to create a gallery and upload your pictures. It is really easy and the system will resize them for you!

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