Elliott 10.5 original review

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Lifted straight from the Elliott Marine website here is a review of the first Elliott 10.5 "Pig Hunter"

Pighunter Article

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There are a few differences between Pig Hunter and High Anxiety. The main ones being the slight difference in length due to a modified transom. This means we measure 10.8. Secondly we have a hydrolic lifting keel, you can see photos of this in action in the "Keel Repairs" article.  

Other than that you will notice the forward extending cockpits that wrap around the cabin and some different winch positions. Pig Hunter is now called XLR8  and very actively raced in Noumea. Looking great with a new open cockpit, I recently saw a You Tube video of tjhe guys flying downwind at approx 17-18 knts. I particularly like the shots of the wake off the back of the boat like a speedboat.