2015 Off-season upgrades & maintenance

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Other than the annual antifoul which we know we are going to do every year, all the rest really all started with a radio. Last year we lost our bluetooth UEBoom speaker overboard in the Sydney Bluewater which begged the question, wouldn't it be good if we had a Bluetooth Stereo....


Old Nav

Which when it came to installing, it just looked easier to tackle another job I had been thinking about....


....cleaning up the Navigation station in preparartion for and AIS install. So out it came! 

Nav test fitting

Of course when the new Nav station went in, it highlighted how old some of the kit was...new paint made other things look ordinary so  time for a new VHF and LED's

Morgs nav 

 Morgs and I got the new stereo installed with Casper asleep in the Quarterberths.

finished nav

A bit of paint and good as new. As always with these things it took longer and was much more complicated than you first think. 

After spending some time on the boat doing the radios and Nav station upgrade there were some glaring jobs still to do and the joblist was building fast. We put the call out to the crew  and they were up for volunteering for a maintenence day. 

Without fail when it comes to upgrade time, we have tended to focus on sails, stuff we have broken – jib track ect, other go faster gear like the prodder or safety gear. I started to make a list of things that would make life onboard a little more comfortable too. 

Very quickly the list got long.

lights barom

While we waited for the weekend to roll around I got stuck into the new LED lights and barmoeter and on the way home one afternoon I went to the doctor to sort out the medical kit expiry dates and counted the band-aids. We also sent off the lifejackets and Danbouy for servicing. 


I got all the sheets, sails and cushions off the boat which is an afternoons work in itself!!

stuff everywhere


And gathered supplies

day1 supplies 

Yep that is a Jabsco electric toilet in that white box on the ground! We knew we needed to sort out something with the old one before this years bluewater races kick off for us. 

The week after the guys were (as always) awesome and turned up fo the first maintenance day... working on rebedding and re-inforcing stanchion’s, and cleaning and sanding. It turned out we would need three such days in amongst birthday celebrations, weddings, working and holidays. 

Marcus nina

As is always the case what we think you can get done, and what we did get done in a day was always little different!

staunch base2

On the first day we knocked over the Stanchions and sanded, bleached or painted any mould growing inside the boat. The old toilet came out and I set about getting the new one installed….

old toilet

no toilet

new  toilet

....which was more complicated than you would expect. Happily we got the new one in (and flushing the weekend after)….. Only to need to take it back out again to sort out a leak.

Finally it was it was time to call in the experts at the RPAYC boatyard and get the boat out of the water for antifoul –

lift photo side

Handing the AIS installation to Marty at Anderson Marine Electronics, and get our good friends at Northshore Marine to have at the keel.

still lots do do dave

While it was up, Heath from Northshore decided that we could kill two birds with one stone and we decided to see if we could get the crew in to help sand the topsides on the Saturday. Matt, Morag, Dave and Rachel generously came over with Dave ending up spending both days with me there! 

casper helpingvinyl removal

 Casper stood by while Morag started removing vinyl.

By Sunday morning we had the bulk of the sanding done with supervision from Michael & Charlie from Northshore Marine.

 ready for paint

A bunch more prep and it was time to get the plastic on for painting. 

Heath John

heath spray

A bit of clean-up on the Monday and a Silver metallic racing stripe, again from Northshore along with completing the antifoul and we are back in the water looking super sweet. It really does look like a new boat. 


newboat front


Awesome job guys how good does she look!!

We still need some new decals and Rego numbers ect but that is on the way.

So looking good but what about the running backstays banging on the paint? Hmmm add another job to the list...


So one more Saturday calling in the troops and we ticked most of the jobs of the list -

Anderson Marine Electronics completed the AIS installation, programming the MMSI and did the DSC radio checks

ais install

Nina removed the old neoprene transom protection

nina sanding

Matty serviced the winches, and I got the transom patched up. You can see the grease and kero bucket from the winch cleaning in this photo.

fill n winch

Gareth and Rachel fixed up a few leaks we had missed including finding a broken compass which needed replacing...


While the guys re tighened the lifelines, I did battle with the toilet again and got it all wired in.

lifelines toilet

Heath from Northshore dropped by to make sure we were on track and had everything we needed to tick the jobs off.


After cleaning the stove Nina got tuck into the bilge while Rachel finished the last of the LED's.

inside cleaning

After which we got everything packed away we called it another day, with not much left to do before next weeks season opener. Morgs and I got a few of the fiddly jobs done on Fathers Day and all the tools and supplies back into the garage. 

The boat is in good shape and just needs a good clean and to pass the CAT 2 safety audit :)


So our end of season job list was pretty small at the start, but early on starting one job uncovered two more. By the end of the break we have completed or are about to complete:

  •     New Bluetooth stereo for decent distance racing tunes
  •     Re-bed any leaking deck hardware including all Stanchions
  •     New DSC VHF radio
  •     New AIS
  •     Rebuild Navigation station
  •     Repair 12V outlet
  •     New Fuel lines
  •     Remove Algae and Flush Diesel tank
  •     Service Engine
    •     New Head Gasket
  •     Keel repairs 
  •     Clean & Renovate all winches
  •     New winch bearings
  •     Covers for Runner blocks
  •     Antifoul
  •     Remove old vinyl
  •     Sand and paint Topsides
  •     Replace all old interior lights with LED
  •     Replace barometer
  •     Re-seal leaking deck Electronics & Compass
  •     Remove old VHF aerial base,
  •     Repair and sand transom
    •     New lettering for name and transom 
  •     Remove and replace old manual toilet with electric flush
  •     Wire in toilet
  •     Replace secondary anchor rode.
  •     Medical kit replacement
  •     Service life jackets
  •     Service Danbouy
    •     Paint toilet Floor
  •    Repair life raft cover
    •     Repair/Replace latches on Engine cover
  •    Replace Out of date flares
  •    2 new personal strobe lights 
  •  new foam fenders for thetender 

So right now there are still a few things to finish up but we will be on the line next week, safer, looking better and more comfortable than before!  

I for one, am pretty tired of being covered in dust and sikaflex every weekend and am looking forward to getting back out sailing next week. Big thanks to all the crew that gave up weekends and also to Heath, John and Micheal from Northshore Marine for all the help advice and for giving up their Sunday to get us looking sharp. 

If you have been reading our blog you will know far a couple of years now Heath has been helping us manage to a budget and working toward a program of renovation for High Anxiety that has culminated in the hull painting. It basically went someting like:  

  1. Make sure its safe
  2. Fix whats broken 
  3. Make it watertight
  4. Make it go faster
  5. Get her looking good

Now, it's taken a little longer to get to the paint because we kept racing.... hitting things, breaking stuff ect. but we are starting to see the results of doing things in the right order. Perhaps a shameless plug but if you are thinking about giving your boat a facelift or deck refresh, do yourself a favour and get in touch with Heath or Chris at Northshore to see how they can help you out.

 end of weekend