Floor painting & antislip

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After a good scrub the inside of the boat was not looking clean, with age there were quite a few scrapes, cracks and chipped paint. It turns out anti-slip paint is a bugger to clean.

The basic strategy for the cabin is to spend very little money but keep up the maintenance and keep it looking nice. This has the added benefit of more dollars for go fast gear and other "big ticket" items like sails and other hardware.

We are employing the look around and pick the thing you hate looking at to fix game. For anyone that has renovated an old house you will recognise this game... you fix something which now it looks nice and makes something else stand out which you hate looking at...so you fix that or paint it and the cycle continues.

roxy old floorOn the left you can see Roxy not looking too impressed about the state of the floor either

Inside the boat is in pretty good nic, the paint and cushions are pretty good and we have done things like re-seating some deck hardware and stanchions to stop rust streaks, cleaned up and wire brushed the stove. The floor was the next thing that stood out. It looked no better after scrubbing as such it was decided that with a bit of work I could probably spruce it up a bit.


After taking out the floorboards I could already see the next thing that was going to stand out, the wooden stairs were staring at me as I was locking up the boat so they came in the dingy too.

P1040097 640

I was lucky enough to have two willing helpers for the work in the shed, allthough we had to have words about excessive tail wagging and stirring up dust.

P1040099 640

So not a huge amount to it;

Varnish remover for the wooden stairs, strip, sand, 3 coats of new varnish and add grip tape.

For the floor, lots of sanding through the various grit papers. I didn't go berserk as I wanted to leave some of the texture on the floor for grip, bog and repair the cracks, re-inforce a couple of weak spots 3 coats of paint later and out to the boat to measure up for some 3M grip tape. That I can assure you was the most painful part (and I hate sanding so for me to say sanding is better than anything is a stretch.)

P1040101 640

The floorboards are under everthing else

Load up the dingy and off we go, the ride out was a bit of fun perched up on top of everything stuffed in. I had to take the seats out so it all fit. Luckily it was pretty calm.

P1040103 640

First step was to clean all the areas under the floorboards. Note the very clean stove on the left!

P1040105 640

Next up get the floor back in and make sure all the repairs fit.P1040107 640 

I am pretty happy with how the stairs came up. A keen eye will see the next thing that stands out in the photo below. Needless to say I am not a big fan of broken yellowed plastic clasps.P1040106 640

Then for several hours or measuring and cutting round edges on the tape. below I have just stared sticking the main cabin down with the help of a string line (thanks Dan for that one)

P1040109 640

Inside is pretty clean but any kind of work makes a big mess somewhere on the boat...Their were little corners of grip tape stuck to everything by the end.P1040108 640

But it all came up looking pretty good so another job ticked off the list

P1040114 640

Main Cabin

P1040110 640

Past Forward bulkhead

P1040111 640

Toilet got some extra grip - Not sure I want to fall over there.

P1040112 640