Before and After

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A picture says a thousand words :)

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2015 Off-season upgrades & maintenance

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Other than the annual antifoul which we know we are going to do every year, all the rest really all started with a radio. Last year we lost our bluetooth UEBoom speaker overboard in the Sydney Bluewater which begged the question, wouldn't it be good if we had a Bluetooth Stereo....

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Mobile Blogging is Go!

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We started mobile Blogging and you won't believe what happened next...

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Coffs 2015 - "The Prep"

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The preparation for an Ocean Race begins with safety, safety and more safety. Now you cannot be too safe, and it is not a popular position in sailing circles to criticise safety standards as being excessively onerous. So I won’t do that – but, since this is my blog, (and I can say what I like) I will let you in on a little secret -  

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2014 Anti foul & Keel Repairs

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We had been struggling for speed recently, in particular inshore as you will see in the results articles. It was very noticable where there is generally very close racing in our divison. We know if we are sailing well around about where we should be relative to the rest of the fleet and we had been noticably behind even though we are not making big mistakes like our races early last year. 

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