Looking to crew?

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Seen our advert on the RPAYC boat register or Gumtree and are wondering what we are all about? We are looking for 2 people to join our awesome crew so you have come to the right place.....


 So who are we? You will find out all sorts of stuff about us and the crew by looking through our blog but in a nutshell we are a racing boat out of the RPAYC Newport.

Our crew has been an active regular weekly group of 4 guys and 4 girls  along with a couple of more casual sailors that race when time permits. We have been together for quite a while and are a pretty tight bunch.  

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Some family changes and overseas work commitments have put a bit of pressure on our roster this season so we are looking for a couple of regular crew to fill permanent spots. 

We race Saturday's in whatever series happens to be on - Inshore, Short Offshore and Bluewater.

High Anxiety is one of the smallest boats in the offshore fleet at just under 36ft but by no means the slowest, and we will pretty much sail in any conditions we deem to be safe.  The boat is set up ideally  for 8 Inshore and Short Offshore and 10 for the Bluewater races.

Our racing calendar is on this site and you will see we have a couple of events other than Saturday racing - we have the Bird Island race coming up on November 21 and the Coffs Harbour Regatta on the Jan 2nd, so now is the time ot get involved and skilled up for those Bluewater races. 

The other regatta we do every year is the Sydney Regatta which is a weekend next March. 


So that's us, if you are keen to get racing with a team that is competitive but also value having a good time we are probably a good boat for you.

Some offshore experience would be great but even more valuable is a being there regularly and committing to some of the big races. We can get you the offshore experience if you are keen to learn.

So drop me an email or get in touch via our facebook page