Whisper Mug 2013 - Or... Help! I'm melting

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OMG it was hot!

This year’s whisper Mug was held in December, for those of you that have been following this blog, the Whisper Mug in 2012 was the first race Morag had ever done and it was our first race with High Anxiety.  That time around we competed just 2 up, now we have a great crew of people and race with 8!

Anyway enough reminiscing! This year’s race was a beautiful Sydney Summers day, although a little on the hot side.


We took off around 10am from Pittwater and the race is a passage race up Pittwater, down Broken Bay into the Hawkesbury river mouth and up to Brooklyn, around the island and back to the club. Sounds easy right?

Some of the crew were on Christmas Holidays so we were down Matt and Susie, but the rest of us packed some food and beers and were looking forward to a nice sail. We got some decent breeze over the line and most of the way up Pittwater. Once we turned around west head the wind dropped off as we were running with it and we started to realise just how hot it was getting. 

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We still made reasonable time down Broken Bay and into the waterway to run up to Brooklyn. We carried good speed up to the back side of the island, then noticed all the bigger boats stuck as “The Bolter” parked up there behind the island with absolutely no wind at all.


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We had “Razamattaz” right with us and elected to stick very close to the moorings and managed to overtake most of the fleet although were forced to do a 360 penalty turn as we were forced into the moorings by the wind dropping off completely.

Still we got to the back of the island in pretty good time slightly ahead of the other boats around us.

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It was here that things went completely pear shaped for us, we sailed a similar course to “The Bolter” but they managed to get a little breeze which we missed, this led to us sitting completely becalmed for about 40 minutes while the rest of the boats snuck around the headland with the tide. Apparently a fisherman had come by in a tinny and given the heads up that that was the best spot to catch the tide back out!!

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I may have mentioned it was hot? Wow! We were feeling every bit of the 38 degrees (which is about 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit for our overseas readers). There was no wind and no shade as the sun was coming straight from above so the guys started filling anything from the sea and tipping it overhead to stay cool.

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When we finally got going again we were miles behind and had put quite a few of the beers away, the ride back was pretty uneventful although we thought we had an opportunity to catch them as the fleet was stuck at the top of Pittwater with no wind, but it wasn’t to be as we sailed into the back of the same hole and then ripped a spinnaker trying to fly it in 0 wind. It got hooked on the block for the headsail as we tried to put the headsail up and tore coming down.

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All in all a really fun day although a couple of the crew that hail from England and Canada (not mentioning any names) were looking like they might melt a few times during the day! I think the whole crew were relieved to get back to the club and jump off the back of the boat! 

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