Inshore Series 2013/14 update

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Sorry I have been a little slack with the updates on this series, I have had a tendancy to wait until there is lots to tell and then do a bunch of updates. Then I found out most of the crew just want more regular opportunities to read about themselves being awesome, and our family and friends just want to quickly find out how we are going without wading through lots of stuff.

Anyway, never let it be said we are not listening, so now the website redesign is done, for this update I will catch you up to after race 4, and each race will be a seperate update, with the same for SOPS.


Pittwater Inshore Series

The Pittwater Inshore Series (Spinnaker) is held on Saturday's throughout the Spring and Summer months with racing held fortnightly on the waters of Pittwater. Racing commences at 1330hrs with three (3) divisions competing. YA Category 7 event.

We race in division 2 and enjoy friendly racing with some really good boats, our mate Carl from Windy Passage is in there and some great competition around our weight class with boats like Kick, Allegro, Summersalt, Pegasus and Pirihi. The odds on favorite for line honours is Pacesetter each week but the handicappers have been keeping it interesing. 

 What are we playing for?

Fleet 2 trophy

Can we win? 

Look probably not in our first season no. Its important in any new endevour to set realistic goals! Whilst we have moved on from our original goals set in our first race ....(Don't hit anyone and dont come last) ....we haven't moved that far. I would say our goal for this series is; Be competitve, minimise mistakes and don't come last.

There have been some some ups and downs it fair to say! We have made some significant changes over the past few weeks to the crew positions to try and ensure everyone learns all the positions on the boat. Our mates at Northshore Marine group finished the new prodder and we have taken delivery of some new (to us) secondhand assymetrical spinnakers (stay tuned for a new post on that when I get some photos).

We have had a win, and we have had a horrendous last I said... some up's, some down's. One great win was the awesome photos you see below, that were taken by Tracey from Northshore Marine Photography. Tracey took them in Race 4 and kindly sent them over for the website. Head over and check out more of Tracey's photos on their Facebook site.

Here are the photos and below you will find the race by race updates 

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Race 1 - Not BadInshore race 1 2013Super excited after some handy tuition in the Early Bird series we had high hopes and didnt do too badly...

As you can see we came in 7th on handicap and corrected over some quick boats so we were pretty happy. Even more encouraging our elapsed time was there or there abouts with the fleet.

Race 2 - What a win! 

This was an interesting race and allthough we had no Matt and Susii, we went out in nearly 30 knts of wind, Carl from Windy Passage reported 36 knot gusts, it was a very exhilarating ride and big big smiles all around at the end of the race.Inshore race 2 2013

We were a little late for the start so we started behind but that didnt last long. We were up with the fleet after the first upwind leg and we had a cracking time going around the leward mark nose to tail with 3 or 4 other boats.


We ran with a reef in the main and the number 3 and it seemed to be about right for the conditions as we were competitive with the fleet all race. personally I had a lot of fun steering this one. It was nice to be up with the fleet, under our own steam and whilst we did not run spinnakers we were absolutely flying at some points, unfortunately no photos for this one as concentration was extremely high due to the heavy winds. 

Obviously we won so very happy allthough it was a shame for Matt & Susii to not be there for it. 

Race 3 - HmmInshore race 3 2013As per this article our new prodder arrived for this race. Unfortunately we didn't have a sail for it yet!

In race 3 we had moderate winds up to around 20/23 knots and had Ben from Onesails on board. It was great to get the other half of the Onesails team along to meet the crew and lend us a bit of experience.

We seem to be struggling a little in this moderate wind range (from 18-25 knots) as even with Ben we struggled to sail with the leaders although we took the opportunity to learn alot. Funnily enough Ben said the same as Allen, I need to work on steering straighter and not worrying about what was going on on the boat. 

It seems we are a little overpowered with the #2 (#1 heavy) and a full main and we struggled a bit with too much heel. 

It was a good day and we put it down to experience. It was during this trip that Ben mentioned the second hand A-Sails they may have  back at the loft. 

Race 4 - Crashing back to earth

Inshore race 4 2013

Aww what went wrong? - well about everything really. Today was the first day with the new crew positions and we pretty rusty. It was a good learning experience allthough with 20knt winds again we struggled again in that wind range. We just need a bit more practice (and probably a decent #3 100% genoa). 

Having said that we also made some pretty horrendous mistakes, no spinnaker on one of the spinnaker runs ans we were all tangled up. I think we had sheets trailing in the water for most of the race and we just couldn't seem to point and control the heel. 

You can see from the elapsed time we were bad in race 4, but the good news is there is always next week. We still had fun and I think the guys are enjoying learning something new so we will see if it all helps in the long run. The guys and i really earned our after race beers today.

Current Series placings 

Inshore series after4 2013