The end or a new beginning?..

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For those of you that have persevered with this little blog over the years, firstly many thanks, in particular given the intermittent nature of the updates!  If following our updates on Facebook you will know that we have had a monster year so here is a monster post to go with it!

Pittwater to Coffs Harbour Video

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Here it is, the one you have been waiting for!  

Video highlights of our 2016 Pittwater to Coffs Harbour race, includes dolphins and sunsets for those not interested in yacht racing. Not to mention a crackiing sound track, I reckon I have watched it 999 times

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Looking to crew?

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Seen our advert on the RPAYC boat register or Gumtree and are wondering what we are all about? We are looking for 2 people to join our awesome crew so you have come to the right place.....

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2014/15 Season Wrap

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We have hit our end of season break and given the boat will be out of the water for repairs, upgrades and engine maintenance over the next few weeks, I know there are a few of us that are wondering what to do on Saturday mornings until racing kicks off again in September.  

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Newcastle 2015 - Blue Water Finale

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How do you get a nickname? Our watch captain and light air magician Dave might well find himself with a new one after yet another masterful performance early in the Pittwater to Newcastle race. David “Copperfield” Walsh called tactics off the line in around 2 knots of true wind to get us away in a fantastic position early in the race.

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Breaking Bad - Sydney Harbour Regatta 2015

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The Sydney Harbour Regatta was good to us last year with a race win and second in our division overall. We were pretty keen to get back there and go one better this year. Unfortunately it was not to be, what we didn’t expect was all the breakages…  read on to find out about the good the bad and the broken at the 2015 edition of Middle Harbour Yacht Club’s fantastic annual regatta.

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2015 Sydney Bluewater

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Well we have not covered ourselves in glory or troubled  the top boats thus far in the Bluewater series.  All that changed in the recent Sydney race.....

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SOPS race 8

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What a beautiful day on the water and getting to the pointy end of the SOPS Racing. We had a pretty good day out today and find ourselves in the mix with one race to go.

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