Hawkesbury Cruising

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A fabulous day and night  cruising down the Hawkesbury with Morgsy and the dogs. The jury is out when it comes to cruising with the dogs. Zed wasnt too bad allthough he did manage to jump off the boat several times in his haste to go swimming. 

Thus the makeshift lead whenever we were stopped. Roxy on the other hand was a bit of a pain. She didn't seem to get comfortable and kept trying to tell us something..... I am pretty sure it was stop this boat I want to go swimming. It did not seem to matter if we were moving or stopped she was restless. I think more trips to get her used to it will be in order this summer.

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Highlights were kicking back on the cushions on deck and having a sundowner or two, swimming off the back of the boat and Mussels for lunch at Cottage Point the next day. The sail down the mouth of the Hawkesbury river to Refuge Bay was also fantatsic as it was fairly light and enabled us to get the assy spinnaker out for the first time.

The sail back was into the wind and built to around 22knts in Broken Bay, it was a pretty full on ride for just the two of us with no reef in the sail. Toward the end and we rounded West Head and screamed into Pittwater at pace on a beam reach, so it was an exciting end to the weekend. Roxy and Zed were pretty good downstairs as they wedged themselves into the gap between the keelbox and the bunk.

Our new plan as you will see in later galleries is to reef anytime the wind is forecast abone 12-15 knts when it is just the 2 of us.... Just incase! We were absolutely shagged at the end of the day and an early night was had by all.