Australia Day - 2013

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What a great day!! Welcomed old friends and made new ones, it was the sort of day that makes you glad to have the boat and be abe to get on the water!  

We hoisted Morag up the mast to fly the flag, cruised around the bottom of Pittwater until the wind started to get up, at which point we retired to a mooring to make cocktails.



Everyone had fun, swimming, jumping off the boom, shooters and Triple J was pumpng out the tunes as we counted down the Hottest 100.

Thats about all I can tell you... unfortunately what goes on tour and all that! 


I can tell you we inspired a couple of new crew members who are now share a few aspirations of going ocean racing. Susie has developed a love of steering the boat and Matt is covering foredeck and Main sheet.


Getting a water taxi was quite the experience after Gav and I took the dinghy to buy more beer and Gav returned to the boat to pick up the rest of the troops...chivalry is not dead hey mate!


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