Coffs 2015 - "Delivery Home"

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Well I am pretty much going to let the pictures do the talking here. Champagne sailing (literally) with light winds to start that built to 15 knots in the evening.

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Dolphin Whispering

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Everyone loves Dolphins right? 

And maybe this little preview of what's to come in a mammoth Pittwater to Coffs Harbour race update, will tide you over until i get all the photos and other video sorted into some articles !

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New RPAYC members

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Just a quick update to share the news that 2 of the crew have joined the RPAYC.

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Crew training day - Nov 13

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So while the rest of the fleet was off to Cabbage Tree Island for the Blue Water Point Score series, we decided to take the time to do some training and follow that up with a bit of a picnic on the boat - In a nice little bay somewhere was the general idea.

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Patonga Beach 2013

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We had some friends down from sunny Queensland a couple of weeks ago and decided since there was no racing on the long weekend that we would dust off the good sunglasses and fill up the esky for a trip over to Patonga Beach Hotel. 

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Australia Day - 2013

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What a great day!! Welcomed old friends and made new ones, it was the sort of day that makes you glad to have the boat and be abe to get on the water!  

We hoisted Morag up the mast to fly the flag, cruised around the bottom of Pittwater until the wind started to get up, at which point we retired to a mooring to make cocktails.


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Whale Watching / Spring Shakedown

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Ok so the title is slightly misleading, it probably should have read looking for whales. We had recently completed sorting out our annual safety audit details and a few other little jobs. Inspired by an article on we decided to combine our spring shakedown sail with attempting some whale watching.   

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New Years Eve Sailing 2011-12

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The full crew had arrived from Brisbane and it was fantastic to see everyone come down for our first NYE in Sydney. It was a great day and night! To kick of festivities a it was very light winds so a gentle motor up to the basin for food and drinks and swimming off the boat.

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Around Lion Island Xmas 2011

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We had some of our freinds and family arrive a few days early for New Year in Sydney and took the opportunity for a quick run out and around Lion Island. It was a really great day and I think we managed to convert a couple of people into keen sailors.

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Hawkesbury Cruising

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A fabulous day and night  cruising down the Hawkesbury with Morgsy and the dogs. The jury is out when it comes to cruising with the dogs. Zed wasnt too bad allthough he did manage to jump off the boat several times in his haste to go swimming. 

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