New Sail and Winch Covers

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One of the first purchases for H.A. had to be a new outfit! The old mainsail cover was beyond repair with no clips left and pretty much all stitching degraded. The winch covers had lost all water resistance.

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Buying our first yacht

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After many years of being landlocked, riding on OPB's (other peoples boats) and banging on to my friends  about sailboats and how they are not 'slow and boring', our move to Pittwater in Sydney gave us the perfect opportunity to take the plunge and buy our first yacht.

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Antifoul & Keel Repair

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Annual antifoul haulout bought with it some additional repair work to the keel. It was not totally unexpected as the delamination was picked up in the survey.

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Elliott 10.5 original review

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Lifted straight from the Elliott Marine website here is a review of the first Elliott 10.5 "Pig Hunter"

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Elliott 10.5 Squealer

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Great Photo of 'The Butcher' now called 'Squealer' a great looking Elliot 10.5

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Sheet Bags

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This weekend Morag and I set about removing the skanky old sheet bags from the cockpit.

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The Wishlst

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The wishlist is quite long at the moment, I suppose you get that with a new boat.

Here are the "big ticket items"

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